„10 Wines You Must Try Until You Are Alive”

The red semi-sweet wine "Kindzmarauli", produced by "Batono" company, achieved honorable place among 10 best wines.

The project “10 wines you should taste in your life” is implemented by Palitra Media. The project aims to popularize Georgian wine, so that the ed Georgian wines become more available, and foreign customers will be able to discover the best Georgian wines.

The project started on October 15, 2017 at the "Georgian Wine Festival", where the first blind tasting has been held. Since then, the voting process has been conducted online, on the wine Online Store website allwine.ge and ambebi.ge, where 250,000 people voted for their favorite wine. In parallel, the blind wine tasting, covered voting of the wines was held in public gathering places. After tasting the wines, gusts were voting for the wines not knowing which wine it was, for example: was it (Saperavi, Mukuzani or Khvanchkara). In the newspaper “Kviris Palitra” and the weekly journal “Gza” was published the form of testing which was held and project imaging communication. Overall, the community has a high involvement in the project, the chosen 10 wines were ed by the people.

Two-day tasting was conducted within the project, in which four Georgian and one French wine expert participated: Misha Meskhi, Kakha Tchotiashvili, Marika Khomasuridze, Irma Chanturia and Bastian Varstok. After the testing 10 winning companies were revealed, among which was the Company “Batono”.

The wine expert Misha Meskhi is giving the positive assessment to the project and declares, that truly Georgian wines were revealed at the end.

 “Project is very interesting and innovational. In the project are involved both amateur segment and specialists. Consequently, the result is absolutely objective and indeed we have been able to reveal quality wines. Tasting was covert, so we did not know producer of the wines tasted. We had information only about the wine variety and the harvest year. We’ve had tasted many good wines. Especially we liked samples of Kindzmarauli and Kisi”, - explained wine expert Misha Meskhi.